Core Ideology


We exist to change the world by making disciples, planting churches, and ending injustice


Imagine thousands of Torontonians forever changed by the gospel.

Core Value – Generosity

We are a generous church that gives out of our time and life to love, serve and bring God’s Kingdom to earth. We use our financial resources to bless, build, and help wherever we find needs. We are first and foremost generous because God was generous to us.

Core Value – Inclusivity

We are an inclusive church where there is room for everyone, no matter who you are, where you are from, or what you have done. We make an effort to make sure that everyone feels welcome and included.

Core Value – Healthy

We are a church where to be healthy means everything to us, and this is applicable to all areas of life. We think holistically and value balance. We have a culture of vulnerability, authenticity, and transparency.

Core Value – Excellence

We are a church that always strives to do our very best, nothing more and nothing less. We do this to love  and value people. Excellence is the opposite of indifference. We always strive to improve all that we do and we are devoted to learning and growing.

Core Value – Family

We are a big family that celebrates together and suffers together. We are a family that takes care of each other, loves each other, and serves each other. We also help each other grow in our relationship with Jesus so that we can become more like him.  
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