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The best way to get involved in the life of Haven is to join a Life Group,
where you can cultivate your relationship with God and friendship with others.

Life Groups

God created us to be in community. We all want to belong, know and be known by others. Life Group is one of the best contexts for cultivating authentic and real community.

Life Groups create a space  where we can grow to know God more and learn together how to apply the Gospel in our everyday lives. Life Groups are also a great place to be if you are skeptical and want to learn more about faith.

No matter your season of life or background, we believe that the life we desire is found in community and Life Group creates the ideal opportunity  for that.

Life Groups are groups of 8-15 people that meet weekly in homes around the city (or virtually) and who try to do life together authentically. Life Groups always have the goal, someday, to multiply into more Life Groups.

Life Group is at the heart of Haven, and they drive the whole church. They are a key ingredient in bringing about change at the individual level so that we can bring change together as a body.  

 The Three Pillars of Life Group  


Life Groups aim to create an authentic, inclusive and loving community. The goal of the group is to move from being individuals who meet together to a family that does life together.

Spiritual Formation

God never intended for believers to be on their own, and community is one of the best ways to get to know him better. Life Group creates the ideal context for us to understand God better, love him more, and become like Jesus. Through Life Group, God shapes us into who he intended us to be.


Life Group is a great place to invite your skeptical friends  that are curious about the Christian faith. In a safe and inclusive group, they can ask tough questions and learn together with others. Our Life Groups also aim to be locally missional by participating in service projects or social events and bringing God’s love and mercy to our neighbours.


What Life Group should I choose?
We recommend you choose a group that’s close to where you live. You can either let us know if there is a specific group you want to join or if you want us to help you find a group.
Can I be in more than one Life Group at a time?
We don’t recommend that. We believe that it’s best if you are fully committed to one group.
Can I bring my kids?
This is up to your specific Life Group! We believe that kids can really benefit from watching their parents invest in a healthy community, and we're committed to providing options for you and your group.
What if I’m not sure about Christianity?
Not a problem! Actually, we would love for you to join a Life Group with all your doubts and questions.

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